About Us

Auctionsalefinder.co.uk aims to be the largest national database of auctions conducted throughout the United Kingdom.
We aim to be the one-stop-shop for people looking for auctions.  Our website provides an easy to use, online search facility that gives potential purchasers the ability to search specifically by item, area or auctioneer throughout the whole of the UK - all free of charge.  Registering with us also gives you the ability to be notified when a particular sale item is listed or when a new auction is listed within your area.
Auctionsalefinder.co.uk offers the facility for auctioneers to upload all of their auction details including a full catalogue, item description and photographs which is all freely available to users of the site.
Auction Sale Finder also allows for additional advertising. The website is currently in its launch phase so advertising is by invitation only. If you wish to advertise, please contact us for more information by clicking here.
Auctionsalefinder.co.uk  aims to:

  • Raise the profile of the auctioneering industry
  • Provide a facility to assure clients that their sale items are reaching the largest possible audience of potential buyers
  • Give potential purchasers a one stop shop search facility of auctions throughout the UK
  • Allow industry related companies to advertise their businesses

Auctionsalefinder.co.uk is user friendly, however, if you require any technical support please contact our support team support@auctionsalefinder.co.uk
If you have any comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours Faithfully,
The Auction Sale Finder Team